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All current Spring 2020 RGSS classes will continue in an online format only through Facebook. You will be sent an invite to join a group if your class isn’t currently being featured online. If you currently don’t have Facebook, it is free and easy to set up. You can set up a Facebook account, if only for the reason of participating in our classes. (Please see item #3 below for more information about how to join a Facebook class, if you are not already part of one.)

Please note that we will not be providing refunds for any of our classes this semester, as we are providing an alternative to completing your classes. If you would like to reenroll in your class next semester, you will be offered an opportunity to do it at a discount, provided we are offering your class next semester and you use your current set of materials.

Please see below for specifics in regards to the class(es) you are currently taking:

BREAKING FREE 1 – Pastor Cristin will continue to teach your class on Sunday nights at the regular time (6pm). It will be featured on Facebook Live as it has been in the past. Please participate in the discussion questions posted twice a week so we can continue to be community. Stephanie will email you all a few comprehension questions that will be easy to answer if you followed along in your notebook. Replying to her email with answers to these questions will give you your attendance credit for the class. See Breaking Free Weekend below for information regarding this event.

BREAKING FREE 2 – We will be putting together a private Facebook Group for those who are in this class. This group will continue to feature the video teaching that you have been watching by DVD in class, as well as participation by a class teacher. We are reaching out to Scott now to see if he’ll be able to continue with us. As of now we plan to continue featuring your class on Facebook Live on Sunday evenings at 6pm. Any changes to this will be announced in this Facebook group. It is in this group that you can also present your questions to the teacher and receive answers. When a class is featured on Facebook Live within a private group, you may watch it at a different time if it’s not a convenient time for you. Please also see Breaking Free Weekend below for information regarding this event, since this was an optional event for all who are currently enrolled in this class.

BREAKING FREE WEEKEND – This will still be taking place, but in a different format. Because we are unable to gather together, we will put together a special Facebook Group for Breaking Free Weekend. We will start to add the folks who are in Breaking Free 1 to this group and would like an RSVP for anyone in Breaking Free 2 who would like to be added to this group as well. We will email out the Participant Packet to everyone who is planning to participate in advance. Our plan is to divide the weekend up into sections, as sitting in front of your computer for a whole day of reading prayers is quite tedious. Our schedule will be as follows:

Saturday, March 28th – Phase 1

Sunday, March 29th – Phase 2

Monday, March 30th – Phase 3

Tuesday, March 31st – Phase 4

Wednesday, April 1st – Phase 5

Thursday, April 2nd – Phase 6

Friday, April 3rd – Phase 7

Each Phase will take up to an hour at the most. We will inform you of what materials you should gather from around your house in advance to participate in the Point of Contact activities. You will be given a code word somewhere in the middle of each phase to let us know you have completed that phase so you can get passing credit for participating in all of Breaking Free Weekend. This group will be available until Friday, April 10th to complete before it is turned off.

If you are not currently enrolled in Breaking Free 1 or 2 and would like to participate in our online format of BREAKING FREE WEEKEND, please contact Stephanie to register in advance.

WATER BAPTISM– As of right now we are having to postpone this class. We look forward to being able to do this with you once we are able to reopen, gather together and celebrate! It’s going to be exciting!!!

SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT 3 – Pastor Joel will continue to lead this class in your Facebook group. He will offer some teaching/insight, as well as the video teaching that we have already been featuring. The time that this class is going to be updated weekly is changing, as Pastor Joel will be assisting Pastor Linda with the Sunday night services in the parking lot. (Please see the Church’s Facebook update video from Pastors Joel & Linda Budd for more information on that. Updates will come weekly on the church Facebook page.) Following the class weekly, you will be emailed a few comprehension questions that you’ll be able to easily answer if you watched the class. You will reply back with the answers in order to receive passing credit. We ask that you continue to participate in the discussion questions posted weekly in the Facebook group as well to continue to share your experiences and continue our sense of community and closeness during our time of separation. It is in this group that you can also present your questions to the teacher and receive answers.

SEEING ANGELS – Linda Burris will continue to lead this class through the private Facebook group. We are working to get in contact with her now to determine details for weekly times that classes will be posted. Because the nature of this group was already similar to a book study, it will continue in that format – reading the assigned weekly passages on your own from home and Linda discussing them via Facebook Live video. You will be sent a few comprehension questions weekly to show us that you have completed the class to get passing credit. We also ask that you continue to answer the discussion questions that are posted throughout the week to share your personal experiences and further the sense of community during our time of separation. It is in this group that you can also present your questions to the teacher and receive answers.

3 – Regarding Joining a Facebook Group – If you are not already part of one, this is free to you. It’s also easy to set up. If you are already on Facebook, you’ll be getting an invitation to join a class if you are not already a part of one. If you are just joining Facebook, please email or text Stephanie once you have joined and she will send you an invite to join the appropriate Facebook group for your class. If you are not a fan of social media, we understand completely, however this is the only format in which we are able to offer you the remainder of your class at this time. You may join solely for the purpose of finishing this class and then get back off again; however we do recommend that you stay on to stay connected with your RGC family as Pastors Joel, Linda and Cristin will be posting regular ministry videos to help you stay connected and full of hope in this season. You won’t want to miss these! Plus you won’t want to miss any other announcements regarding services online or parking lot ministry events.

Having to offer classes in this format is new to us, as I’m sure that all of this lockdown and social distancing stuff is new to you. Please be patient with us as we work to figure it all out. Please ask questions when you have them and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Please continue to stay connected – we need each other. Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you. And please continue to give to the church in regular tithes and offerings, as we cannot continue to offer the ministry that we do and keep things going without your financial support (please visit the church website for more information on how to give during this time).

I am excited in regards to the teaching and ministry that you have received through RGSS up until this point. It has prepared you for such a time as this! The time is ripe to be the authentic disciple that you have trained to be – speak the Word, heal the sick, cast out demons, discern the times, prophesy, and raise the dead! I look forward to hearing your testimonies when we can gather together again, but for now, please post to your class groups on Facebook, as I look forward to staying connected with all of you there.

Much love!

Pastor Cristin Hamman

For more information please contact Stephanie Smith at stephanies@rivergatetulsa.org

Make sure to check out our social media link for daily updates. RGSS FACEBOOK PAGE