School of the Supernatural

About RGSS

The RiverGate School of the Supernatural (RGSS) exists to take the hurt to healed, the trainee to trainer, and the gifted to giver. The ladder of classes is designed to help us grow into all Jesus said we are. The RiverGate community consistently participates in classes of all kinds, even repeating classes when so much change has occurred and more is desired.

Currently, the RiverGate School of the Supernatural consists of three levels of excellence and ministry training: 

Level 1: Spiritual Formation

Level 2: Ministry Training

Level 3: Ministry Application

In addition, the RiverGate School of the Supernatural is continually working toward developing and expanding ministry tracks that are specific to your gifts and anointing. 

Level Descriptions

LEVEL 1: Spiritual Formation= The classes in this level are designed to bring healing, transformation, and freedom to your life before you step into the ministry calling God has in store for you. Some of these classes are prerequisites for advancing to LEVELS 2 and 3. This level also includes elective classes such as Effective Communication and Personal Finances, as well as classes in biblical studies.

(Please note: After completing Level 1, students have two choices when choosing the ministry training he/she would like to pursue. Choices include classes based on personal interest or pursuit of a ministry certificate.) 

LEVEL 2: The Ministry Training. This Level is geared toward living your life supernaturally and doing things with God in this world. Jesus said, "these signs would follow those who believe: In my name, they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues . . . they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:17- 18). As you work through the courses in this level, you will have a better knowledge and understanding of a variety of spiritual dynamics, such as prophecy, healing, intercession, spiritual warfare, culturally relevant evangelism and more. 


LEVEL 3: The Ministry Application Level is designed to apply what you’ve learned in LEVELS 1 and 2 through hands-on internships and ministry application. It’s time to engage others with a clean heart and mind, being trained in in the spirit and the word, and ready to live life supernaturally with Gods Holy Spirit.

Ministry Certification: Upon completing LEVELS 1, 2, & 3 and all required elements of your selected track, you will receive a Ministry Certificate. Your Ministry Certificate will allow you to apply/interview to become a part of the RiverGate Apostolic Network. (More information regarding applying/interviewing for the RiverGate Apostolic Network will be given during Level 3 Orientation.)