Max Davis

Max Davis

Sun, July 21, 201910:30 AM - 12:45 AM

Come Hear a Prophetic Miracle Testimony that will change your life and strengthen your faith forever!!

Incredible PROOF that God is REAL and fully-present when we cry out to Him

Skeptics Invited

Bestselling author and journalist Max Davis had his life turned upside down when he had a supernatural encounter with a nine-year-old, non-verbal, autistic boy named Josiah. This autistic boy living in Minnesota had prophetic visions and messages from God about Max way down in Louisiana even though the two had never met or had any contact. The messages were packed with highly detailed specifics that Josiah could not have possibly known unless revealed to him by the Holy Spirit of God. As a skeptical journalist with tenacity for truth, the experience gave Max undeniable PROOF that God is real and fully-present when we cry out to Him. Unlike other supernatural accounts that are subjective, this story is filled with irrefutable facts.

After reading or hearing Max’s story many are filled with an overwhelming desire to seek more of God’s presence. Even the most ardent atheist would have to conclude, either God is real or Max is lying. But he’s not lying. There are too many pesky facts and collaborative people involved. In the end, you can make up your own mind. Max is not trying to convince you. He is simply telling his story.

Max Davis is the author of over 30 books. In addition to his own works, he has done numerous collaborations with highly notable leaders. Max’s books have been featured in USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, Southern Living, Bible Gateway, on The Today Show and The 700 Club. His book The Insanity of Unbelief: A Journalist’s Journey from Belief, to Skepticism, to Deep Faith was a #1 Bestseller. He holds degrees in Journalism, Biblical Studies, and is a faith-energizing speaker. God is using Max's hope-infused stories combined with journalistic research and solid biblical teaching to challenge unbelievers, encourage those struggling in their faith, and spark prayer revivals in hearts around the world.