Connect Groups

At RiverGate Church, we offer Connect Groups – small groups that enable you to connect with others and grow deeper in relationships while encountering God.  Currently, we have a number of Connect Groups meeting during the summer, any of which you are welcome to jump in and join at any time when you’re not on vacation this summer.  Our Connect Groups meet all throughout the week and are tons of fun!  Why not try a few out this summer?  You’ll be sure to make fun memories and new friends!  We look forward to connecting with you this summer!

Sunday Nights @ 6 PM

Connect groups meet in different rooms around the church.

(some groups meet at different times and places during the week or month as they so desire)



Hosted by Pastor Linda Budd

Summer 2018 Dates: Every Sunday night at 6pm

At first glance, we may look like a book club, but don’t let that fool you – you will quickly see why this service is called Encounters! After Pastor Linda reads an excerpt from Signs and Wonders, a book by Maria Woodsworth Etter, the group encounters the Holy Spirit as participants learn how to receive and give words of knowledge. Imagine being able to give a witness’ account of seeing a blind person’s sight restored! Even better, imagine being the one that God uses to do that!! Everyone is welcome to come – come to be healed, come to watch, come to learn how to minister healing to others, come to see the glory of God tangibly manifested. One thing is guaranteed: You WILL encounter God! (Do you need to bring your own book? Nope! Just come!)

Location: RiverGate Church – The Family Room

TREASURE HUNTERS (free RiverGate School of the Supernatural class!) 

Hosted by Valerie Thomas 

Summer 2018 Dates: Sunday nights at 6pm, starting June 10th

As a group, we’re going to learn and practice an easy & fun strategy to pay attention to how the Holy Spirit highlights people (treasures) who are waiting for a divine encounter of his kindness, often through love, miracles, and healing. Chances are likely that there are treasures hiding in your family, friendship network, neighborhood, and workplace. In this group, we’ll cross the chicken line together and practice strategies that will change the world one life at a time.

Participant’s Guide: It’s $19.75 for the participants’ book, but you can still come and participate without it for free! (Participant’s book is available in the RGC bookstore.)

Note: Want to get credit for taking it as an RGSS class? Purchase your book & don’t miss more than three classes!

Location: RiverGate Church

MEN’S CONNECT (men only)

Hosted by Dave Burris & friends

Summer 2018 Dates: Every Sunday nights at 6pm starting June 10th

Food, sports, billiards, guy talk, special events, and friends. Come be a man and come be yourself as we join arms in life. We’re a bunch of dudes doing dude-stuff every Sunday night.

Location: RiverGate Church – the RGC Fire (Youth) Room




Hosted by Dan & Tami Sanders

Summer 2018 Dates: Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 6:30pm

Just as the name suggestions, our group is all about having fun! We like to munch on yummy snacks and we’re not afraid to embrace the opportunity to laugh through a few lighthearted games. But it doesn’t stop there. When you join us, you’ll find that new relationships can quickly run deep through conversation that enables us to connect with one another and prayer that connects with us with the Father. Your experience at RGC will only be more rich when you have friends who can love each other, laugh together, and eat together!

Location: We meet in the home of Dan & Tami Sanders, located at 11201 S. Vine St in Jenks.

Contact: 918-625-8842 (Danny) / 918-346-9959 (Tami)




FOUNDATIONS (Young Adult group)

Hosted by Megan Seward & friends

Summer 2018 Dates: Every other Saturday - from 6-8pm starting June 16th

We welcome Young Adults to come and experience friendship as we worship God together. Here you will find love, encouragement and most importantly, a place to be who God made you to be. Whether we’re sharing testimonies around a bon fire, playing music, or just hanging out, we’ll connect to one another as we connect with Jesus!

Location: Please contact Megan Seward for next location.

Contact: 520-437-1339 (Megan Seward)


Hosted by Darren & Gina Stolz

Summer 2018 Dates: Twice a month on Saturday nights

Want to have fun with other people? So do we! Come join us! Twice a month we like to hang out together – it’s as simple as that. If you’re someone who likes to laugh, you’ll fit right in!

Location: We meet in the home of Darren & Gina Stolz - 8244 S. Gary Ave in Tulsa (74137)

Contact: / 918-810-4511 (Gina) - Send a message and we’ll send you all the details of our next gathering!


LUNCH BUNCH (ladies only)

Hosted by Pastor Cristin Hamman

Summer 2018 Dates: Thursdays at 11:30am – June 21st, July 19th, & August 23rd

If you enjoy sampling various ethnic cuisines but hate to do it alone, this group is for you! Once a month, we take a break from the salads and meat-&-potatoes to go global with our taste buds, trying the likes of Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food … you name it, we’ll try it, even if it’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that most have never heard of. Where authentic food combines with authentic conversation, you’ll find RGC ladies connecting during a fun (& yummy) lunch break!

Location: Various ethnic hole-in-the-wall restaurants of the Tulsa area

To stay informed & join the fun conversation for the next Lunch Bunch, send a friend request to Pastor “Cristin Budd Hamman” and let her know you want to join the “Lunch Bunch Connect Group” page on Facebook. There you can join in the conversation, vote for the ethnic cuisine of the month, RSVP your attendance, a post photos of your favorite lunch memories! (For those not on Facebook, please text Pastor Cristin at 918-955-6576.)