Sun, July 21, 20196:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Brad Climer is a man with a rich heritage both in the natural and the spiritual realms. His resume is impressive, with success as an author, business coach, and entrepreneur. However, his greatest gift, his message, mission, and passion, is intimacy with God. Out of this well flows healing, miracles, and revelation. The best revelation of all, is that what he carries is TRANSFERABLE! That means Brad has the ability to bring both individuals and congregations into deep encounters of intimacy with Jesus and the Father. Through this a greater understanding of Holy Spirit and the power within each of us is released.

After decades of both business and ministry, Brad has learned that the only thing that really matters is fully relying on God’s presence and guidance.

Brad heads a startup work in Casper Wyoming, called the Outpouring. Its’ vision is to bring the unchurched, hurt, and not accepted into the goodness and kindness of God. Meeting on Saturday nights, the Outpouring has more than doubled in attendance with multiple miracles and the goodness of God being the norm. God is blessing what is happening in Casper.

When Brad ministers, expect the unexpected. Be ready to encounter the atmosphere of Heaven and be pulled into the depths of the Love of God.