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Covid updates


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Covid updates (3)

Welcome to Rivergate Church

RiverGate Family: 

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation continually and proactively. At this time we feel it is pertinent to all concerned that we lock-down our church building. All services are being done via live streaming and on Facebook. You will be able to participate with us and still hear Pastor Linda and Pastor Joel preach and minister on Sunday's at 9:00 and 10:30. Join us this Sunday, April 05, 2020 we will only be ministering to you through streaming both services online and by Facebook. As always we will encourage you with faith-filled messages of hope and encouragement. We believe you will be healed physically as well.

We encourage you to watch our website, Facebook and this email for announcements concerning Sunday 6:00 PM services in the parking lot

We ask that you will continue to tithe and sow seeds to RiverGate church. The church does rely on the faithful giving of God’s people in order to be established. We still have all of the same expenses as if the building were not on lockdown. God is our provider and when we do as He instructs in our giving He will pour out so much upon us that we will not be able to contain it all! Please go above and beyond in your giving today!

We encourage you to check the website daily and all social media! Changes abound! We are in this together and we will not just survive but we will thrive!